Proposal for Project Funding 2011

Please make sure you review the Carneros Land Stewardship Foundation website before submitting your proposal for project funding. 

Each project will be evaluated on its relationship to and focus on the Carneros region, the amount of funds needed to complete the project, the credibility of the requesting organization and the project’s direct benefit in educating the public, and preserving and/or conserving the land, creek beds and natural habitat for the benefit of the Carneros region.  Particular emphasis will be given to those projects that benefit, restore or conserve the agricultural community or Carneros.

Please feel free to provide ancillary materials to support your request for funding.

  1. Name of project
  2. Name of organization requesting funds
  3. Purpose of the project
  4. Location of the project
  5. Please provide a history of the project or program, if available
  6. Description of how the project will be implemented
  7. Time frame for completion of project
  8. Amont of funds requested
  9. Expected results
  10. Method of evaluation of success
  11. How will the Carneros Land Stewardship Foundation be recognized?  Is it possible for the CLSF to participate directly in the project and if so, how?
  12. Project Leader (including name, contact information and amount of time spent with the organization requesting funds as either a paid employee or a volunteer.) 

Grant Applications will be reviewed between October 1, 2010 and December 1, 2010, with responses sent by January 21, 2011.

Project funding for 2011 is currently limited to $2500 per project.

Please file your project application by e-mail to:

Click here to print/download the Carneros Land Stewardship Foundation Proposal for Project Funding 2010 form.